Dog and owner - Rasselbande

Dog and owner - Rasselbande

All good things come in threes.
The dog soap water rat with the skin-friendly care formula made from olive oil, water and sea salt ensures gentle cleaning and care. The high proportion of pure, natural olive oil hydrates dry dog skin and protects it from drying out. Feelings of tension are pleasantly relieved. The water rat dog soap is particularly moisturizing. This protects the natural balance and the protective acid mantle of the dog's skin. Dull fur is cared for right down to the tip, protected all around and shines with a fascinating shine.

Hund & Herrchen is the first natural cosmetics care series for dogs that precisely meets the same guidelines of controlled and certified natural cosmetics standards for people (mistress and master).

- Vegan and strong lipid replenishment (pH 10.5).
- Without preservatives, perfume, fragrances, PEGs.
- Without raw materials from petrochemicals (paraffins).
- Without dyes, parabens, silicone and gluten.
- Made without palm oil (because of nature and species protection).

The products from Hund & Herrchen - natural cosmetics are all vegan, so free of animal ingredients.

  • Composition

    Sodium Oleate, Olea Europaea (organic olive oil) Fruit Oil *, Aqua, Maris Sal.

    * Ingredients and vegetable oils from controlled organic and ecological growing areas

  • Application instructions

    First, thoroughly wet your dog with lukewarm water so that the skin is well moistened with water. Then rub the water rat dog soap on the wet dog's fur with circular movements until a gentle foam forms. Briefly emulsify this foamy mass with a small amount of water, then massage it into the damp dog fur and leave it on for at least two minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.