MOFFY was made from DARK GREEN with a wrap of LILAC I FERN GREEN


The Tauliebe models are now also available with easy-care Biothane adapters. This is the popular Biothane material. It feels and looks like leather, but is incredibly easy to care for and practically indestructible!

With the adjustable Biothane adapter you can now easily adjust the collars to your darling.

The color of the product you order may differ slightly from the product shown

on our website.

  • At a glance

    The TAULIEBE - collars with Biothane adapter consist of tear-resistant PPM rope and dirt and water-repellent Biothane. Biothane looks and feels like leather and is very comfortable, soft in the hand. It is UV-resistant and, thanks to its polyester core, is dimensionally stable and tear-resistant.